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New Site Launch

Due to the popularity of the celeb gossips among the visitors, I’ve decided to start a blog which is dedicated to gossips only

There will be more in-depth coverage and more updates! Enjoy!


Maggie Cheung got engaged with German boyfriend?

Lately rumor on Maggie Cheung’s engagement with her German boyfriend Ole at China Grill in Beijing has been spreading on the internet. However, her assistant has denied this news.

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Carol Yeung’s new photo book in Bali

Glamour model Carol Yeung is known for her famous curve and size E cup. She recently went to Bali for the photoshoots for here new photo book. She did not hesitate and showed off her perfect figure wearing revealing bikinis! Here are some eye candies.

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Michelle Reis showing off happy marriage life on twitter

Newly wed Michelle Reis did not waste any opportunity showing off her happy marriage life. She and her husband never shied from displaying intimacy in public, moreover, they even spreaded their love on Webo (chinese equivalent of twitter).

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He Siyian stole the spot light at ‘Orient Friendship’ night

The annual ‘Orient Friendship’ night was held at in Shanghai ¬†Lanhui club as part of Shanghai international film festival. Many famous actresses attended this event. Despite all the stars are dressed to perfection on the night, new comer He Siyian was able to steal the spot light and outshine all the others with her Greek goddess inspired look.

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Zhang ziyi surprises crowd by appearing at Jet Li’s new movie premier

The movie premier for ‘Sea and Heaven’ was held in Shanghai. The movie tells a family story about people with depression problems. As the lead actor, Jet Li also requested for “blue” carpet for the party instead the traditional red carpet to better represent the movie.

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Gigi Leung announces she already has new followers

Gigi and Sly


Recently coming out from her four year¬†relationship with her French boyfriend Sly, beautiful singer Gigi Leung is doing her best to put all her mind on work. She released her new single this week, she only found out that her editor had placed a few photos taken in Paris in the music movie when she saw the release. When she was asked about her past relationship, she seemed calm, said “I am already over, and kinda feel relieved”. She also announces that she has many followers surrounding her, but she just needs someone who can make her laugh!

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